Annual Parish Council Meeting

All parishioners are invited to attend the Annual Parish Council Meeting at the village hall on Thursday 24th April starting at 7pm. Parishioners are also reminded that all Parish Council meetings are open to the public where parishioners are invited make submissions to the council. Details of meetings can be found here.


Website Update

Welcome once again to the new Clutton website.

While this website is still undergoing some ‘tweaks’ and we are  collecting information relevant for both the Parish Council and village, we would like to invite villagers to contribute to its blog contents.

If you have a community based event or activity and would like a mention, drop us a line via the Parish Council Clerk at

If you wish to sign up ready for our forthcoming monthly newsletter which will include the latest meeting minutes and news, please go to our subscription page and enter your email address. Your email address will only be used by the Parish Council for matters affecting the parish & you can unsubscribe if the information is not related to you in the future.

We hope to hear from you soon.

These trees are not just for Christmas!

Clutton Parish Council, using the Ward Councillor’s Initiative grant organised by Jeremy Sparks, has completed the replanting of the 200 year old avenue of trees in Clutton.

The Avenue of Trees

This magnificent avenue, leading from the Upper Bristol Road across the sweeping  parkland setting of fields down to Church Farm and St. Augustine’s Church, has been a well-loved walking route for generations of villagers but in recent years has suffered from the loss of nearly half its mature trees.

Colin Withers, of Church Farm, led the work of the planting and fencing along with parish councillor Vic Adie. They were enthusiastically supported by Aubrey Willcox  and David and Will Withers of  Willow Farm. All gave freely of their time and energy in the task which spread over a period of two weeks.

In the spring the path down the avenue will be renovated with a fresh layer of gravel.

The Avenue should now return to its former glory and give great pleasure to all who walk its length for generations to come.

Vic Adie & Colin Withers