Parish Council Elections

If you would be interested becoming a Parish Councillor, please see the following information.


Clutton Parish Council

Election of Councillors

Parish Council Number of Councillors to be elected
Clutton Parish Council 13
  1. Nomination papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer, Council Chamber, Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW, on any day after the date of this notice, on Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm (excluding bank holidays) but no later than 4pm on Thursday 9 April 2015.
  2. Nomination papers may be obtained from the offices of the Returning Officer, Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW, during the times stated above, or alternatively from the Parish Clerk at the address below.
    1. If the election is contested the poll will take place on Thursday 7 May 2015.
  3. Applications to register to vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by midnight on Monday 20 April 2015.
  4. Applications, amendments or cancellations of postal votes must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW, by 5pm on Tuesday 21 April 2015.
  5. Applications to vote by proxy at this election must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW, by 5pm on Tuesday 28 April 2015.
  6. Applications to vote by emergency proxy at this election on the grounds of physical incapacity or for work/service reasons must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW, by 5pm on Thursday 7 May 2015.

The physical incapacity must have occurred after 5pm on Tuesday 28 April 2015.

To apply on the grounds of work/service, the person must have become aware that they cannot go to the polling station in person after 5pm on Tuesday 28 April 2015.

Returning Officer           Vernon Hitchman

Dated                           Wednesday 25 March 2015

Parish Clerk’s contact details for nomination papers:

Helen Richardson

PO Box 1287


BS39 5XX

07542 689 398



Recruitment of School Crossing Patrols

Bath and North East Somerset Council are looking for community minded people to work in a very rewarding community role of school crossing patrol.  If you would like to work outdoors, meet lots of people why not join the School Crossing Patrol Service?

Apply now to join one of our many school crossing patrol sites and provide an invaluable service to your community helping our children and adults walk to school.  Alternatively, become a Casual School Crossing Patrol and be on call to support/cover our permanent Patrols in one or more school locations.

Salary: £13,715 – £14,075 pa, pro rata. The current pay rate is £7.11 – 7.29 per hour plus holiday pay and paid sickness, term time of 38 weeks per year.  Job share applicants are welcome.  Uniform and full training are provided.

You will need to be punctual, reliable and in line with the Council policy all successful applicants will be subject to medical and DBS clearance. You will also need good communication skills with both children and adults.  With the flexibility of morning and/or afternoon shifts being available, we currently have permanent patrol vacancies at the following schools:

  • Chandag Junior School, Keynsham (8:25 – 9:00 and 15:00 – 15:40 = 6:15 hours per week)
  • Midsomer Norton Primary (8:25 – 8:55 and 15:00 – 15:35 = 5:25 hours per week)
  • St Andrew’s CofE Primary School (8:30 – 9:10 and 15:10 – 15:40 = 5:50 hours per week)
  • St Stephens Primary School (8:15 – 9:00 and 15:10 – 15:45 = 6:40 hours per week)
  • Weston All Saints Primary School (8:25 – 9:00 and 15:15 – 15:45 = 5:50 hours per week)
  • Whitchurch Primary School (8:30 – 9:05 and 15:10 –15:45 = 6:40 hours per week)

For an application pack contact or tel: 01225 396409, or Email: people_services

To apply for a permanent position of School Crossing Patrol, quote advert (ref: 13-50900).

To apply for a position of Casual School Crossing Patrol quote advert (ref: 13-50901).


Extraordinary Parish Council meeting

An extraordinary Parish Council meeting has been organised to discuss the planning application for parcel 0006 Maynard Terrace 14/05692/RES.  This will be held on Saturday 7th February at 10am in the Village Hall.  All residents are welcome to give their comments before the Parish Council decide on their response.

However, please be aware that this development was agreed in principle in the outline planning application. This Reserved Matters Application will only address certain aspects of the development as described below.

Please note that the means of access arrangements were approved in the appeal for the outline application and so in this instance will not be considered in the Reserved Matters application.

A guide to reserved matters applications follows:

Guidance Notes for:

Application for Approval of Reserved Matters following Outline Approval

Article 21 Town & Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995

The Application for Approval of Reserved Matters form should be used after an outline planning application has been approved.

A reserved matters application deals with some or all of the outstanding details of the outline application proposal, including:

appearance – aspects of a building or place which affect the way it looks, including the exterior of the development

means of access – covers accessibility for all routes to and within the site, as well as the way they link up to other roads and pathways outside the site *** (Please note that in the Maynard Terrace outline application, this has already been agreed subject to technical approval and so will not be considered at the Reserved Matters stage)***

landscaping – the improvement or protection of the amenities of the site and the area and the surrounding area, this could include planting trees or hedges as a screen

layout – includes buildings, routes and open spaces within the development and the way they are laid out in relations to buildings and spaces outside the development

scale – includes information on the size of the development, including the height, width and length of each proposed building

The details of the reserved matters application must be in line with the outline approval, including any conditions attached to the permission. If your proposals have changed in any way, you may need to reapply for outline or full planning permission.

Some, though not all, details may have been formally submitted and approved at the outline application stage, if the applicant chose to do so, or the council insisted.

The outline decision notice, issued by the council, will state which matters were reserved for later approval.

Permission lasts for two years from the last date that the reserved matters were approved, or, three years from the date that outline planning permission was approved – whichever date is the later.


2015-2016 Draft Budget

At Mondays Parish Council meeting the councillors will be discussing the draft budget for 2015-2016.

Clutton Parish Council Draft Budget 2015-2016
    2015-2016 2014-2015
Receipts (excluding Precept)            4,475.00                   4,490.00
Salaries £15,507.26 £16,050.00
Street Lighting £1,400.00 £1,500.00
Recreation Field & Maintenance £6,315.00 £3,765.00
Allotments Inc water & maintenance   £1,050.00 £1,950.00
Legal & Professional £1,435.00 £750.00
Insurance £500.00 £700.00
Office & Admin £1,010.00 £930.00
Training and Publications £1,225.00 £650.00
Website £500.00 £3,000.00
Petty Cash £0.00 £75.00
Section 137 Grants £2,448.00 £2,375.00
Subscriptions £477.00 £545.00
Neighbourhood Plan   £0.00 £1,115.00
General Repair Fund   £2,000.00
Other Budget Provisions £1,600.00 £10,250.00
Total Payments   £35,467.26 £43,655.00
2015-2016 Precept
Total Payments £35,467.26 £43,655.00
Total Receipts (not including Precept) £4,475.00 £4,490.00
Total Payments less Total income   £30,992.26 £39,165.00
Take off unspent website allowance in 2014-15 budget less £2,305.00
Precept   £28,687.26 £39,165.00
Still need to take off Parish Grant before final request.  
Cost per Household per Year   £44.82 £61.20
Cost per Household per Month   £3.74 £5.10
(Based on 640 Households)
NB This is just a guide – this is not how individual calculations are made

You can make comments direct to the councillors during public submissions at Mondays meeting, or email

Parish Council Precept

The next event in the series of consultation events for the preparation of the Parish Council budget for 2015-2016 will take place on Saturday 22nd November at 10am – 12 noon in the Village Hall.

At this event we will display suggestions made at the last event, with their associated costs, giving you the opportunity to tell the Parish Council which suggestions you would support and would like to see included in next years budget.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Clutton Primary School Governing Body

Clerk to the Governors The Governing Body of Clutton Primary School is seeking to appoint a Clerk. The Clerk will support the governors in their contribution to the life of the school and the education of its children. Apart from the need to attend meetings of the Governing Body (usually only three per year, on weekday evenings), the Clerk works at times chosen by him/herself the few hours the job requires.


The Clerk is accountable to the Governing Body, working effectively with them, the Chair of Governors and Head Teacher. The Clerk’s main role is to provide a professional clerking service to the Governing Body. The governing body is keen to receive applications from local residents. Any training the new Clerk needs to do the job will be made available.
The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment and to complete the necessary documentation.
Salary: £382.00 pa, paid in 3 termly instalments. Closing date: 22/10/2014


For full details and an application form please contact….. The Secretary

Clutton Primary School

Station Road


BS39 5RA

Tel: 01761 452 510



Application forms should be returned before 22nd October 2014, addressed to Kate Wilson, Chairperson of the Governing Body, c/o of the school at the address above.


If you wish to talk to someone about this job before applying, you are welcome to contact either The Secretary (details above) or the current Clerk (Stephen Barran: Tel 01761 452 411).




four vacant seats at present – three of which arise from the completion of terms of office of current governors (one of whom wishes to remain as a governor for a further term).


Any Clutton resident who would like to contribute to the good management of the school is encouraged to apply. The Governing Body is particularly keen to attract anyone with the following skills or experience:


Legal knowledge

Human resource management


Anyone interested in learning more about what being a Governor involves should contact Stephen Barran, Clerk to the Governors, by phone at 01761 452411, by e-mail at, or at Puddingstone Cottage, Upper Bristol Road, BS39 5RH.


We want to hear from you

The Parish Council want to encourage more residents of Clutton to attend Parish Council meetings.  We feel that if more people take an interest in the issues discussed and convey their opinions to councillors, then we can better represent the village as a whole and strengthen our community.

Please could you take a moment to complete our poll;

Parish Council Precept

The Parish Council will be holding a series of open consultations to find out what parishioners want for the village in 2015-16.  The first will be on Saturday 4th October 2014, 10am – 12 noon, in the Village Hall.

If you would like to have a say in how the Parish Council spends the precept come along and tell us.

Changes to the Bus Service

Changes to bus services from Clutton from 1st Sept

Bus No 754         On Mondays only service 754 will operate from Clutton Station Road at 0953 (but will operate as a hail and ride service in Church Lane and Venus Lane in Clutton).  The service operates to Midsomer Norton Tesco, Midsomer Norton and Radstock Victoria Hall; with a return trip departing Radstock at 1230, and Midsomer Norton at 1235 and Tesco at 1240.


Bus No 185         On Thursdays only service 185 will operate from Clutton Station Road at 0900.  The service operates to Paulton, Midsomer Norton Tesco, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, and continues to Trowbridge; with return trips from Trowbridge at 1305, Radstock at 1335, Midsomer Norton at 1345, and Midsomer Norton Tesco at 1355.

The 185 service will operate from Clutton via Marsh lane and then Temple Inn Lane through to Temple Cloud