Blocked Route into Greyfield woods.

The Parish Council have been asked by several residents to investigate a walking route into Greyfield Woods, which has been blocked by the Land Owner by a new wooden fence.  Shown by yellow dot on attached map

Map – Maynard – Greyfield Woods.marked
The Parish Council acknowledge that this access into Greyfield Woods is not a public footpath, but have agreed to look into claims that this route has been used by residents for the last 20 plus years. If we receive sufficient evidence to support an application, the Parish council will make a Definitive Map Modification Order application on behalf of residents.
If you are able to assist the Parish Council, and have used this access route into Greyfield Woods, please could you complete the attached user Evidence Form and return it to the Clerk by Wednesday 31st January. Either by email on or by sending it to Clutton Parish Council, PO box 1287, Clutton BS39 5XX.

02 DMMO Application Pack application Form Only

An update on the Maynard Terrace/Clutton Hill Junction

The Vice Chairman of the Parish Council addressed B&NES Cabinet this afternoon with a copy of the road safety audit detailed in the previous article and raising the Parish Council’s concerns over the safety of the proposed changes to the Junction of Maynard Terrace and Clutton Hill.

His full submission can be read here:

Submission for Banes Cabinet

Following his submission the Chair of Cabinet has suggested an on-site meeting with the Strategic Director, places & the Cabinet member for Transport.

Road Safety Audit – Maynard Terrace/Clutton Hill Junction

Due to serious concerns about the quality of the Safety Audits carried out to date in the planning of the reprioritisation of the Clutton Hill / Maynard Terrace Junction, the Parish Council recently commissioned a Stage 2 safety audit on the proposals for the reprioritisation of the Clutton Hill/ Maynard Terrace which have been approved as part of the CURO housing development in fields to the South of Maynard Terrace.

The Parish Council have arranged a meeting with B&NES to discuss.

The report can be viewed in the link below:

5582 – Junction in Clutton, Chew Valley, Somerset – RSA2 – Issue 1 (Wit…

Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Amount of CIL received in 2015/16                 £1155


Total CIL Spent                   

Clutton Station Park Sign                               £295

Materials for Firepit                                       £354


Total CIL planned expense

Materials for seating for Firepit                       £550

Saturday 10th September

clutton-model-railwayCome to the Cabin in Clutton on Saturday 10th September, 10.30am – 3pm to see Tim Venton’s fabulous model of Clutton Station in its heyday.

Also take the opportunity to meet with Parish Councillors to look at plans for the new Clutton Station Park, discuss options for the area, and maybe take inspiration from the historic model.

Ideas already suggested are – outdoor gym equipment, a children’s cycle path, benches, an outdoor table tennis table, a small performance area, but what do you think?!

Give us your ideas and visit the Cabin on Saturday.

Press Release from B&NES regarding the cancellation of the 379 bus service

Changes to supported bus services in Bath and North East Somerset

A number of changes are being made to supported bus services in Bath and North East Somerset.

The changes are being made following a review of supported bus services in the area, aimed at protecting or improving services for the vast majority of bus users, whilst at the same time ensuring that the Council’s bus subsidies are used to the best possible effect.

Nearly all the bus services in the area are run by private bus companies on a commercial basis, over which the Council has no direct control. However where possible the Council steps in to provide financial support to meet social needs not being met by the bus companies.

In a number of cases residents will see an improvement in their bus service, with improved frequency or journey times. However the Council is scaling down support where services are underused, or where there is duplication of commercial services, to ensure that funding is being used to the best possible effect and provide value for money for local taxpayers.

Despite the financial challenge facing the authority, Bath & North East Somerset Council is continuing to spend more than £1 million in supporting local bus services as well as local Dial-a-Ride and Ring-and-Ride services.

Councillor Anthony Clarke (Conservative, Lansdown), Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “These changes are being made following a review of supported bus services across the district. During this review, our priority has been to protect and improve services where possible whilst at the same time ensuring that the investment we are putting into local bus services is being used to the best possible effect for the maximum number of users.

“Unlike many councils – who have removed most bus subsidies – we are continuing to spend more than a £1million a year to support local bus services in both rural and urban areas. However, we also have a duty to ensure that we use taxpayers’ money to the best possible effect, and where a service is running almost empty we clearly cannot justify asking taxpayers to subsidise a service that may, in many cases, cost more than the equivalent taxi journey. In such cases, other supported services such as Dial-a-Ride and Ring-and-Ride may be more appropriate.”

Commenting on recently-announced changes to some commercially-run bus services between Bristol, Keynsham and Bath, Councillor Clarke added: “Whilst the Council has no control over commercially-run bus services, we have expressed concerns to First Bus over some of their recently announced changes, such as to the number 38 through Keynsham.  Whilst there is a limited amount we can do in these circumstances, in order to try and maintain a bus link between the Park Estate and the High Street in the evenings, the Council has agreed to fund two new journeys from Keynsham Church to Keynsham Park Estate at 20:05 and 21:05, to be run will be run by Bath Bus Company.”

Detailed changes

Service 42: Odd Down – Royal United Hospital (Park and Ride)

<!– ·         The 42 Park and Ride service will continue to run broadly the same timetable but will be run by a new operator, Wessex, on a commercial basis.

<!– ·         The new operator will not be running the flexible route / request stops service, which was used on average twice a week during 2015.

Service 4, Bathampton 

<!– ·         From 5 September 2016, an extended number 12 service will operate between Bathampton, Bath city centre and Haycombe. The service will replace the no 4 from Bathampton.

The service 12 allows passengers from Bathampton to retain their links to Bath and Oldfield Park. The service will run every 40 minutes.

<!– ·         The section of the route 4 from Kingsway will now run as bus service 8, which will link through the city centre to Upper Weston every 30 minutes.

Service 2: Ensleigh – Bath city centre

<!– ·         From 5 September 2016; the Lansdown Park & Ride service will serve all stops on Lansdown Road replacing service 2 from Ensleigh. The Park and Ride will provide more flexibility for these stops with a frequency every 12 or 15 minutes compared to the hourly number 2 service.

<!– ·         The Park and Ride service will continue to terminate at Milsom Street.

<!– ·         Any passenger who need to go to the Bus Station will be able to use the 620 (Old Sodbury – Bath) service, which will run an additional trip on Saturday mornings. Currently an average of 8 people per day travel through to the bus station on service 2.

<!– ·         Through tickets will also be available from Lansdown Road for passengers needing to transfer to services 6/7 at Milsom Street for the Bus Station

Service 6/7: Fairfield Park & Larkhall – Bath city centre

<!– ·         The 6/7 will be operated by First on a commercial basis and continue to provide Larkhall and Fairfield Park with access to Fairfield Park Health Surgery with both services operating along Camden Crescent, with a bus every 15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes. 

<!– ·         Services will, however, no longer stop on London Road; where it was found that just two out of 458 passengers interviewed travelled between Larkhall and London Road and just one from Fairfield Park to London Road.

<!– ·         While some areas of Fairfield Park will no longer have direct bus access to Larkhall Square, just five passengers out of the 458 surveyed made this journey and Dial-a-Ride can provide an alternative local bus service 

Service 379: Bath – Bristol

<!– ·         This service has been subsidised by developers but is unlikely to become commercial. The service will cease from 4 September as there are a number of alternative services:

<!– –       A new, commercially operated 172 service will link Paulton, Midsomer Norton and Bath from 4 September 2016.

<!–  –      The 376 links Pensford and Clutton to Bristol and Wells

<!– –       The 178 links Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Keynsham and Bristol

<!– –       Changes to the 768 service route will provide a new link between Clutton and Midsomer Norton

Changes to Service 178 and new 172 service

<!– ·         From 1 September, the 178 will operate hourly between Radstock and Bristol only, with services to Bath replaced by a new, commercially-operated 172 service. The 172 will operate every 30 minutes Monday – Saturday daytime, and hourly on Sundays. 

<!– ·         The 178 between Radstock and Bristol will no longer run on Sundays, because of low usage and most passengers will be able to use alternatives such as the commercial service 39.  

<!– ·         The weekday 23:15 journey from Bristol will cease because of very low usage, with most passengers having alternative services available.  The last direct service from Bristol to Radstock and Midsomer Norton will be at 19:35, although later connections will be available via Bath (connecting with service 172 departures to Paulton as late as 23:50).

<!– ·         The 178 will no longer operate through the Chandag estate in Keynsham. This area will continue to be served by the 665 service. The 178 will no longer stop at Tesco in Midsomer Norton, but there are several alternatives including the new 172 service which will provide a service every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday and every hour on Sunday.

<!– ·         The Council will continue to support hourly evening journeys between Bath and Paulton on the 172 service with a last departure from Bath at 23:50. 

Service 179: Bath – Writhlington

<!– ·         The Council will continue to subsidise the 179 service to increase frequency of well-used daytime journeys. 

<!– ·         Evening services are not well used, and many passengers could use alternative services.  From 5 September the last journey from Bath will normally operate at 19:40 during the week, but the Council has agreed to retain the 23:00 journey from Bath on Fridays and Saturdays only, when there is passenger demand.  Journeys from Writhlington at 19:28, and from Bath at 20:55, will no longer operate.

<!– ·         The 179 service will be rerouted from 4 September to serve more passengers and it will now serve Farrington Gurney and Cranmore Place in Odd Down. 

Keynsham Park Estate evening services:

<!– ·         The Council has agreed to fund two new journeys from Keynsham Church to Keynsham Park Estate at 20:05 and 21:05.  These will be run by Bath Bus Company.

Service 82: Paulton to Radstock Tyning

<!– ·         Following the retirement of the operator (Somerbus), the Council has found an operator, Frome Minibuses, to run a service Monday-Friday from 5 September 2016. This will continue to serve residential areas in Paulton, Westfield and the Tyning, as well as provide a link between Paulton and Somervale school.

I<!– t has not been possible to secure an operator for the service on Saturday. Many passengers may be able to use other nearby commercial and supported services for their journey.  There will, however, be no service to the Tyning on Saturdays.

The Council continues to support Dial-a-Ride services, which are available across the district and can be used by many people who cannot use a scheduled bus service to reach their destination.


Clutton Parish Council Statement on Maynard Terrace Development

The Parish Council has been notified that a group of residents has commenced legal proceedings, through a Judicial Review process, of the decision by B&NES to approve the detailed “Reserved Matters” application for the Maynard Terrace development.

The legal action is being taken in the name of Rosemary Naish, who is also the Chair of the Parish Council. Rosemary has asked the Council to make clear that the action is being taken in her name and in a strictly personal capacity. The Parish Council is not involved and indeed in law cannot be party to the action as it is not directly affected by the development. The Parish Council is not party to the legal advice that has been provided in respect of the action and is not involved in funding it.

The Parish Council has consistently opposed the Maynard development on numerous grounds and was deeply disappointed by the decision of the B&NES Development Management Committee to approve the reserved matters application. As a Council we are very concerned by the apparent lack of account taken of the policies in the Clutton Neighbourhood Plan. We therefore welcome the fact that the proposed Judicial Review process should provide clarification of the weight those policies should be given in considering this and other planning applications. The Parish Council will keep the position closely under review and will if appropriate discuss it again at the next meeting.

David Worskett
Clutton Parish Council
2 September 2016

Financial Flood Support Schemes Now In Place

Homes and businesses impacted by flooding between 1 December 2013 and 31 March 2014 could be eligible to apply to Bath & North East Somerset Council for Government financial support.
Help on repairs and renewals
A ‘repair and renew’ grant of up to £5,000, which will provide financial support to homeowners or businesses in order to pay for work to reduce the impact of future flooding can also be obtained from 1 April 2014. This is open to both homeowners and businesses.
Businesses interested in applying for a Repair and Renew grant should email:
Homeowners interested in applying for a Repair and Renew grant should email:  
Help for business recovery plans
Small and medium sized businesses affected by the floods can claim funding to develop and carry out business recovery plans. The funding could cover immediate clean-up costs, materials, exceptional business costs and temporary accommodation.
Claims can be made immediately. More information is available via or 01225 477 394.
Help on Council Tax and Business Rates
Homeowners affected by the floods can claim a Council Tax rebate. More information is available via or 01225 47 77 77.
Businesses that have been flooded may qualify for 100% Business Rate relief for three months. More information is available via or 01225 47 77 77.
Councillor Caroline Roberts (Lib-Dem, Newbridge), Cabinet Member for Transport, said, “Although this area was thankfully not as badly affected as others across the south west, the Council wants to raise awareness of the financial support available for any resident or business who was impacted during the exceptionally wet weather. Our staff are on hand to give support and advice about these flood support schemes.”

Clutton Welcomes New Clerk

We would like to welcome our new parish council clerk Helen Richardson.

Helen Richardson, New Clerk

 Helen has lived in the village for nearly three years with her husband and two young daughters. Her eldest child is now in the reception class at Clutton Primary School.

 Prior to starting a family, Helen was the commercial manager at Gloucester County Cricket Club  and also spent seven years in the commercial department at Bristol City Football Club where she led the sales team. Helen has a degree in psychology from the University of Birmingham and a masters in personnel management and business administration from the University of Aston.

 Helen said: ” I am delighted to take on this role, supporting the parish council and helping them make decisions affecting the village. My first impressions of the parish council are that it is very active and forward thinking, and collectively the councillors give up many hours of their free time for the benefit of the whole village. I have a great deal of respect for them and look forward to working with them.”

 Helen takes over from Stephen Barran who has been our clerk for the last five years. Stephen now plans to spend more time travelling, going on long walks with his dogs, gardening, and reading and writing.

 Clutton Parish Council chairperson Rosemary Naish said: “We would like to thank Stephen for all his hard work in this very important and responsible role, and wish him well in his retirement. We have been fortunate to get someone of Helen’s calibre to replace Stephen. Helen has outlined some exciting plans and we look forward to working with her to deliver the best possible service to all the people of Clutton